Board of Directors

The board of directors serve as volunteers without any compensation. These leaders work behind the scenes in many capacities from swinging hammers on building programs, to tearing down walls during renovations. They donate their time, talents, and finances, and will volunteer when needed. These men and women are very much a working board who have been involved at every level of operations.

Of course, they also govern the non-profit organization and make policy recommendations and enforce our policies and procedures.

Dave Toni

Dave Flood

Founder and president

Dave Flood is the founder and president. Together with Antoinette (wife) they serve teens whenever the doors are open and interact with them throughout the week. They have three adult sons and twelve grandchildren. Dave holds a master's degree in Biblical and Theological Studies and a Master of Arts in Christian Education from Dallas Theological Seminary, and a Doctor of Ministry from Northern Seminary. Antoinette earned her BS in Bible Theology from the University of Northwestern, St. Paul. They both have worked with youth since the 1980's.

Larry Burns for Board Member Headshot

Larry Burns

Board Member

Larry is everywhere around the teen center. He works tirelessly keeping games in operation, doing maintenance, and working alongside teens on projects. If Larry is not helping on a project, we are probably borrowing a piece of equipment he owns to get the job done. Larry owned and operated Burns Brothers Bus Company until his retirement.

kyle Schliem headshot1

Kyle Schliem

Board Member

Kyle first introduced himself as a 17-year-old skating into the teen center in 1993. He has been a wonderful addition to the board. Kyle owns and manages multiple properties, and lends a helping hand to anybody in need. In addition, he works behind the scenes at the center especially when sound system set-up is required during our live music and stage events. Somehow he finds time to perform his full-time occupation at Frito-Lay.

Billy Morrison Head Shot

Bill Morrison

Board Member

Billy sits on many boards across the area and we are grateful he finds our organization important. We are grateful for his behind-the-scenes work no matter what the job is at hand (removing and replacing roofing was the last project). His experience running a business and being a member of multiple leadership teams is an asset. Bill is an owner of Morrison Auto Parts.