There are no paid staff positions here. The organization has been run entirely by volunteers since it began in 1993. The many volunteers who keep the teen center operating at top efficiency are numerous, but most remain unseen, performing critical roles behind the scenes, far removed from the limelight.

The 18-month renovation of our facility, ongoing maintenance, events, and the Northwoods teen adventure camp at Bear Claw Lodge have all been completed entirely by volunteers. Every project is undertaken by these dedicated individuals.

Dave Toni

Dave and Antoinette (Toni)

Director and volunteers

David and Antoinette (Toni) Flood began the teen center in 1993 and continue to serve as volunteers on the weekends, during the after-school programs, and events, and at our north woods adventure camp. Toni earned a BS degree in theology from the University of Northwestern St. Paul, and David has received a BA from Moody Bible Institute, an MA from Dallas Theological Seminary, and a Doctorate (DMin) from Northern Seminary, Lisle, IL.

Jim Orr tc pic (2)



Jim may be serving hot chocolate one moment and found playing pool the next. He is always available for teens. It is no easy task to be aware of all that is happening around him but he is able to and this is necessary so the teen center remains safe and supervised. His devotion to teens is evident.

volunteers gravity race

Gravity Race Event


The list of volunteers is in the hundreds, but these here are part of groups that help as we host the Annual Gravity Racers Classic. We cannot do this event without all these great people!

wvt gravity volunteers elm high dr

Gravity Racer Events


These people plan the events, set things up, manage the day's activities, and then tear everything down and put it all away.

wvt gravity milton parade

Gravity race volunteers


Gravity race volunteers