Our blog serves as a platform to share three decades of insights gained while ministering to adolescents. The articles will candidly discuss both successes and failures, focusing on events and encounters that have influenced our mission. With a foundation laid in 1993, Antoinette and Dave established Non-Toxic Youth Alternatives, Inc. (DBA Edgerton Teen Center), a 501(c)3 charitable organization dedicated to teen-centric indoor and outdoor activities. This is an integrative, curiosity-driven teen center offering hands-on educational programs, participation in fine arts and skilled trades, indoor recreational games, and diverse outdoor adventures. The organization owns the necessary equipment for safe and enjoyable recreational activities, and volunteers are skilled in their respective roles. Through this blog, its our aim to inspire, educate, and motivate readers in their own lives and ministries.


Dave earned his Doctor of Ministry from Northern Theological Seminary (Lisle, IL); a Master of Art in Christian Leadership from Dallas Theological Seminary (Dallas, TX), a BA in Bible Theology from Moody Bible Institute (Chicago, IL); and Antoinette earned her BS in Bible Theology from the University of Northwestern St. Paul, MN.

Dave Flood, DMin.