Recording Studio

Non-Toxic Studio

The Recording Studio is open to Edgerton area teens.

Clayton decided he wanted to donate his equipment and build a studio at the teen center so with the help of many volunteers the work began. Some three years later we are ready to begin recording. The process has been arduous and after several fundraising programs and generous donors stepping up (thank you Gifts for Kids and Nelson Young Lumber Co.), we were able to finish sound-proofing and enclosures. Like every program, we constructed the studio from scratch. We found a suitable space, demolished what was unnecessary and created what was necessary. We have the best teen and adult volunteers on the planet!

Local teens may use the studio for free and ALWAYS by appointment.

We are thankful for our funders and volunteers who created the recording studio.

wvt non toxic studio logo (2)
wvt recording studio 2 monitors clayton
wvt recording studio production room looking to live room
wvt recording studio drum wall window different angle
wvt recording studio drum wall window
recording studio Clayton floor
recording studio Clayton Joel TJ
recording studio Joel
wvt recording studio kyle painting
recording studio window foam