Edgerton Teen Center

The Edgerton Teen Center has been providing safe and supervised programs since 1993. Former teens who frequented the center back in the 1990s now have their own teenage children who participate in our weekly programs. These ongoing relationships are our greatest reward.

All the programs listed on this website take place at the Edgerton Teen Center.

From the early days in 1993 to the present, our location has changed but not our mission. We Value Teens.

wvt recreation side form above
wvt stage side from above facing north (2)
halloween concert crowd best
halloween concert  guitarist rear stage2
halloween concert crowd outside1
halloween concert wide frame pic
wvt open mic crowded
girls at counter 2022
game on the floor and chess
racegame Matthew
pool table crowd 2022
foosball basketball crowd
pingpong girls
8 ball break chart
bumperpool foosball
basketball game Ashton
kyle tim girl pool game
wvt main st tc dance worm
brennon ashton kitchen

Whether it's the arts, amusement, adventure, or games we have something for everyone.

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art over windows art side
video bigscreen
chess tournament 4 tables
pingpong checkers
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wvt main st tc
wvt arts banner
wvt recording studio production room looking to live room
wvt gravity ramp billy dave jim
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wvt camp guys among zipline tower beams
Teen center location from 1995-2012
Pool tournaments have been a regular activity for 30 years
grandchamp Austin Tyler Dalton
grandchampionship 2017
wvt basketball facing front wall
wvt 4 pool tables
wvt pool gravity cars
wvt shop group