PRO-Teen Vocational Education

Educational Program that Meets Needs of the Whole Person

Skills for Life

Educational opportunities in the skilled trades are provided free of charge and instructed by local professionals.

We currently have two lathes, a vertical milling machine, MIG welder, ARC welder, along with wood and metal saws. We instruct in machining, small engine repair, soldering, plumbing, electrical, masonry, and carpentry skills.

wvt arc weld
wvt engine
wvt Colin chopsaw
wvt Dak small lathe
wvt shop mill
wvt shop measuring cylinder
wvt shop lathe Tyler G
Camp construction. Learning carpentry, roofing, siding...
pontoon deck replacement Rick Brennon Ashton
pontoon spreading glue Rick Ashton Alex
pontoon complete with bamini
refelt pool table Wyall Aiden Brennon
refelt 4 pool tables
Camp zipline tower construction
Renovation of the game room
Renovation of the front wall
Demolition and reframing...
Door installation where no door existed